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Paul Young
February 16, 2022

Which Questions Do You Need Answered Before Investing in your Amazing New Home Journey?

A home is one of the largest investments many will make in their lifetime. When you decide to build a new home, you will probably have many questions for your builder.  As you move through the project with your builder, you will have an increasing number of questions for yourself as well.

What are the commonly asked questions that arise as the homeowner navigates the process?

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How much will the project cost?

Since the investment is so great, the most common question people have at the start usually is “How much will the project cost?”  The builder can provide an honest range as an estimate.  Home building project costs will develop over time due to many factors such as the level of finishes and the size of home as well as product availability. In this post-Covid time, raw material costs are also fluid.  While some costs, such as lumber, are leveling off,  other costs are increasing as many of the more economical fixtures and flooring and tile options are still not as readily available as they were prior to the supply chain issues of COVID.

What level of involvement do we want in the building of our home?

The primary question you need to ask yourself and your partner is: What level of involvement do we want in the building of our home?   Do you want a builder that handles everything from start to finish or do you plan to manage and complete some aspect of the build?

While it is vital that you are involved in the oversight of your home build, you need to build a level of trust with your builder that once all is done, it will be completed with quality and exactly how you had envisioned.

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You also need to trust your builder’s recommendations when certain choices may not work well or be feasible in the construction of your home due to underlying building structures, building codes in the municipality that you choose to have your home built and available raw materials

Homebuyers spend a lot of time looking at different floor plans, trying to see how they can live inside them. But custom home floor plans work with your lifestyle goals.  Severyn builder’s design team will consider your goals and dreams for your special home. Your vision will differ based upon your current and future needs for the home.  Do you have a growing family, are you looking forward to retirement, or do you want to ensure your new home will meet your needs in the future?

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How is communication handled throughout the project?

Equally important is how your builder manages information and communication with you and to the tradespeople involved in the building of your home

  • How are problems managed?
  • How often do quality inspections take place?
  • How often will you be taking through the site so you can raise any concerns?
  • Who is the point of contact and how will you have communication with them?

Severyn Development already has these systems in place for their customers. Once you have committed to a build, every vendor involved in the building of your home has access to the project plan, so they know when they are able to schedule their parts in the process. Our customers have access to the same cutting-edge, industry standard tool, BuilderTrend, where clients can see progress on the build, selections that have been put in place and clear and frequent photos which document progress!

Even with a detailed upfront design process, there will most definitely be changes in the build due to necessary order changes along the way. Severyn Development continually updates the client’s  BuilderTrend project for their home throughout the building process.

How will changes be handled during the build process?

Severyn Development specializes in handling changes caused by raw material availability and keeps you completely informed and provides you options when necessary.  This way there are no cost surprises at closing time.

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Will my new home have a warranty?

Warranties vary from home to home. Be sure to ask ahead of time what the home warranty looks like and how claims are handled.

Builder warranties for newly built homes generally offer limited coverage on workmanship and materials for specific components of the home, like windows, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, and electrical systems. Warranties also usually spell out how repairs are made.

Why Severyn Development?

Custom builders, such as Severyn Development, are typically smaller more unique companies compared to production buildings.  This smallness is an asset as builders are more ready, willing, and able to design and project manage your unique custom home.

It is vital to understand what you get with a small unique team versus a large company that builds cookie cutter homes.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your questions further if you are interested in starting the journey to your Better Built Home™

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