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Paul Young
May 13, 2022

Tips for Planning your Exciting Kitchen Remodel

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Time Spent Planning Kitchen Remodel Can Prevent Delays and Stress

With the kitchen being the hub of the home, preparing for the remodel should be thorough.  Here are some points to include as you ready your home and your family for this exciting home improvement:

  1. • Make a list of items you need ready when starting construction.
  2. • Make sure that the area that will be under construction is empty and clear of household goods.
  3. • Where will you set up your temporary kitchen?
  4. • Where will your children hang out while the construction is in process?

Do you have room in the basement to move your existing refrigerator?  A stove?  Do you need a hot plate to work with if you can’t move the stove to a temporary location?  Would the remodel cause less frustration if done over the warmer months of the year so you can utilize outdoor space as a temporary kitchen? Where will you store non-perishables and cooking supplies?

Communication is Vital

Have you determined who is responsible for any permits required before the project starts?  Have you set aside a contingency allowance for any unexpected events? Have you prepared well in advance by ordering your new appliances and fixtures such as faucets and any hardware not included in your plan with the contractor?  Do you know when your appliances will be delivered? As the country is still experiencing unprecedented supply chain issues, do you have backup selections made for your design? Do you know where you will store these items until the contractor is ready to install them? Setting up proper areas for contractors to work is a must. If they are laying out a new floor, can they set up the tools in the dining room?  The garage?  Where can they stage new cabinets prior to installation?

Have you shared all this information with the contractor?  Communication is vitally important and while you must set expectations with the contractor for their communication with you, you also must communicate your updates and concerns with the contractor as early and as often as possible.  Your contractor’s project manager is scheduling all aspects of your remodel with resources that are also responsible for other projects.  This is vital to having a realistic understanding of the steps involved.

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Consider Your Neighbors

Also, it is important to be considerate of your neighbors before and during your project.  By letting them know that you will have this remodel going on will prevent difficulties with your neighbors now and in the future.  There may be noise, debris, construction vehicles, and workers coming into your neighborhood that could cause stress to your neighbors as well.  Are your neighbors ok with early evening construction?  Weekend work?  Do you have a neighbor that would be open to helping with alternative power and water sources should your home’s inlets be temporarily turned off? Once you have worked out the details with them, communicate that back to the contractor team.  By setting these boundaries ahead of time you will not be adding neighbor issues to the list of things you contend with as you are in the midst the project.

Once your remodel begins, things will become very hectic.

Find out ahead of time:

  1. • How long Construction will last?
  2. • What can you do to eliminate delays?
  3. • What can be done for dust control?
  4. • What can you do to eliminate delays?
  5. • How will you maintain the rest of the house?
  6. • What are cleanup expectations?
  7. • What hours are acceptable for contractors to work?

To summarize, ensure you plan, organize and communicate with all involved in the construction project.  Those with whom you should communicate are not only your family and contractor, but any vendors you are working with directly, and your neighbors!

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