Income Properties Building Process
Investing with our clients to build long term wealth through real estate development
Let’s Get To Work
In today's competitive real estate market, purchasing a long term investment property has become increasingly difficult. As real estate investors ourselves, we understand the benefits of owning and operating multi family rental properties. With our experience in site and land development, we at Severyn Development offer the unique opportunity to assist you with your investment needs. Our talented team of brokers, architects and engineers can assist you with the process of land acquisition, site design, unit design and work with all necessary municipalities to obtain plan approval for your long term investment. Severyn Development partners with individuals to build wealth.
Designing Your Investment Strategy

Severyn Development will act as construction Manager for your investment project. As a team, we will sit down with you to discuss the vision for your investment strategy. We will take the time to walk through your plans and ideas to ensure that the finished product meets your expected rate of return. This is not a quick process, we at Severyn Development encourage our clients to take their time during this crucial first step. Together, with our in house architect and engineer we can create a custom plan just for you.

Land Acquisition and Approval Process

Severyn Development will work with you to receive all necessary approvals from the local municipalities. Since Severyn Development enjoys being involved in the approval process, any changes or requirements can be accounted for quickly in order to make the process efficient. Purchasing and approving land for this purpose is often difficult and time consuming, Severyn Development is patient and committed to helping our clients achieve approval.

Financing Options

Severyn Development has relationships with local banks and lending firms to assist you in financing your project. We have had great success working with Northwest Bank, Alden State Bank and M&T Bank, to provide short term construction notes as well as permanent financing. Once you have been approved, construction can begin!

Completing Your Project

Construction timelines on projects of this nature vary depending on size and scope, but we at Severyn Development understand the benefit of efficiently building these style investments. We also offer to assist in pre-leasing any rental units throughout the process in order to deliver a turn key investment to you as our client.

As a family, Severyn Development truly enjoys building custom homes and works diligently to ensure the process is enjoyable for all of our clients.