Severyn Development
A family owned and operated custom home building company

Severyn Development is a family owned and operated custom home building company started by Bill Severyn and his two sons, Alex and William. As a group, Severyn Development focuses on providing not only a custom home, but a custom experience. Each one of our clients will work directly with the Severyn family. We are passionate about our business and enjoy designing and building our clients dream homes all throughout Western New York. Our patience, communication and attention to detail allows us to build some of the most unique homes and estates in Erie County. We have completed multiple projects in Lancaster, Clarence, West Seneca, East Aurora, Alden, the City of Buffalo and the town of Royalton and are excited to continue providing quality homes for individuals all throughout Western New York.

William Severyn Sr.

Mr. Severyn is a Director at Severyn Development Inc. He has over 25 years of experience as a real estate broker. Currently Mr. Severyn is licensed at Hunt Real Estate ERA. Mr. Severyn has experience is identifying market trends throughout Western New York to ensure that every project completed by either Severyn Development Inc. or through his son’s work as Ambitious Enterprises Inc., is sold promptly and at its target resale value. Through his experience, Mr. Severyn understands what buyers want in today’s market and leverages that knowledge to design communities and custom homes through is work at Severyn Development Inc.

William T. Severyn

Through Severyn Development Inc. Mr. Severyn currently manages all of Severyn Development's custom built homes and has overseen every step of the approvals and engineering/design at Birch Creek Run. He specializes in growing a network of local investors and designs strategic partnerships with both private and commercial lenders to take advantage of real estate opportunities.

Alex W. Severyn

Mr. Severyn creates comprehensive scopes, proposals and market feasibility studies in an effort to manage the negotiations, acquisitions and closings of every Severyn Development property or future development. Through his experience in real estate, Mr. Alex Severyn understands how to identify and target the resale value of each project, design each home accordingly and realize a return on each property

Alyssa Lopez

Ms. Lopez harnesses her previous experience in the commercial construction segment to effectively estimate construction costs for new builds, manage all custom home build orders, and to maintain build schedules. Utilizing the knowledge gained from managing high end commercial projects, Ms. Lopez brings a client-driven perspective to Severyn Development that ensures client satisfaction from design to closing.

Timothy Skowronski

Mr. Skowronski plays a major roll in providing quality control on all Severyn Development projects. By ensuring a safe work enviroment and managing onsite workflow of each sub contractor, Mr. Skrowonski ensures a high quality product and top notch customer service. Mr. Skowronski works personally with clients to customize each home and make the building process with Severyn Development more enjoyable.

Mr. Charles Kobee

As senior Project Manager at Severyn Development, Mr. Charles Kobee is responsible for providing quality control on all Severyn Development projects. Mr. Kobee brings over 11 years experience in residential home building to the Severyn Development Team! By coordinating organized schedules and quality sub contractors, Mr. Kobee is successful in meeting customer expectations on both finished quality and project time frames. Mr. Kobee works personally with each client to make the building process with Severyn Development more enjoyable.

Ms. Robin Maggio

Ms. Maggio harnesses 23 years experience as an executive assistant at Blue Cross Blue Shield where she was responsible for creating operational processes and organized business systems. Ms. Maggio provides administrative support at Severyn Development by creating and managing corporate and project based budgets. By utilizing the knowledge gained from managing high end budgets, Ms. Maggio brings organization and business processes to Severyn Development.

To learn more about Severyn Development and our family business, listen to the following shows with host Joe Chile. Each show explains our past and future projects while also providing insight on how we work together as a family to provide high quality custom homes and patio home communities for our clients throughout Western New York.