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Timothy Skowronski
March 9, 2022

Technology Drives Better Built Homes

The construction industry is ever evolving with improved technological tools constantly coming into the market. The improved tools enable innovations in home building design and composition. These advancements have been particularly significant in the construction process, site tools and equipment. These also enhance the customer experience as well as homes are built better and faster than ever before.

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Construction Processes

Builders today use computer and mobile device applications that allow everyone involved in the construction process to be on the same communication and organization platform. These programs give us the ability to manage our jobs from remote areas and communicate with vendors and contractors at any time.  This allows us to manage job progress at all current projects even when we are required to be physically at a different location.  At Severyn Development, we use Buildertrend to stay in communication with each other and to manage all aspects of our current projects with clients and vendors and contractors.

Site Tools and Equipment

Onsite tools are never really seen by the homeowner, but often these tools and pieces of equipment make a tremendous difference in the quality of the completed home. These tools include more accurate measuring tools, surveying software, easy to use tools, and safety equipment.

The upgrades in the field are helping tradespeople provide a better end product, and with fewer skilled tradespeople in the field currently, these tools allow less experienced tradespeople to perform tasks that formerly required great experience earlier in their career while still providing a higher quality completed product.

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Improved safety gear and safety products are helping skilled workers stay in the industry longer. This also helps with the shortage of skilled tradespeople we face in today’s world. At Severyn Development, we use new tools and on-site equipment to create better built homes. For example, for extra fire safety we found a fireproof spray that can be used as a fire barrier between units, without taking up the space that traditional fire proofing methods require. Onsite equipment such as job site drones can be used for more accurate lot inspections and hard to access locations. We can use the drone to view a roof or inspect a situation that is hard to get to while keeping the inspector/operator safe.

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Customer Experience

These new innovations in the industry not only make it easier on the builder and tradesperson, but also helps the customer building their home. With applications that allow digital designs, we assist clients in customizing their home build and are able to make a 3 dimensional renderings using MITEK modeling software so customers are able to visualize their new home effectively prior to the actual build. Not only is this exciting for the client, but it helps us provide a set of expectations and understanding of what is going to be done. When the building process starts, management software can keep the customer well informed on the progress of their house through pictures, messages, and an up-to-date calendar for each step of the project.

When customers are able to participate in the build of their home by seeing the schedule as well as the cause of delays, the customer experience is more pleasant as expectations are constantly communicated. This program allows the customer to view the progress of their home without ever having to come on site. We have built customers houses while they live in another state, and they were informed on each step of the building process and were able to ask questions based on what they saw in the Buildertrend program.

Our goal is to exceed the customer expectations.  Even during difficult times of staffing and raw material shortages, we are constantly using technological advances to make the best possible decisions for our clients as they build their dream homes.

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