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William T. Severyn
August 5, 2021

Sawyer’s Landing – Exciting New Community Concept Coming to Amherst

This coming December, Severyn Development will close on a contract with Ciminelli Real Estate to purchase the last phase of the Amherst Muir Woods site. The property is the most westerly portion of Muir Woods with frontage on Dodge Rd and Sweethome Rd.

We at Severyn are dedicated to developing Western New York’s first Rent Today, Own Tomorrow Community through our partnership with Offer Advantage. The neighborhood will truly be one of a kind for our region and we are excited to welcome residents from all walks of life. Complete with a fishing pond, shared green spaces, dog park, walking path, retail outlets and walkable amenities, Sawyer’s Landing aims to attract those who are looking for the advantages of good schools found in the suburbs but still long to be walking distance from the local coffee shop and village center.

The property is currently zoned NCD (New Community District. This allows for us to draw and subdivide lots with our own dimensions. This is extremely exciting, since it allows us to not only develop similarly to city street concepts with close knit homes and mature, full landscaping, but also brings the cost of each property down to become more affordable for our homeowners.

The plan is to divide the project into four phases based on the unit type. Starting from the front of the property, Dodge Rd. we are designing for approval, three, four story buildings with first floor commercial space and three floors of residential apartments. The design will include a combination of studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units available. There are covered parking spaces designed for the rear of the buildings which will be charged a premium and surface parking for the remaining units. We are designing the buildings to resemble a city street with different facades creating a more walkable “town square.” In total the three buildings will host 14,000 square feet of commercial space and 156 apartments.  The buildings will be separated by a center landscaped boulevard with benches and additional outdoor seating.

The other phases of Muir Woods are currently being developed into 143 Single Family Homes by Ryan Homes and have been sold out starting at $430,000 per home. Between Ryan Homes and Sawyer’s Landing, a company by the name of Aspen Heights will develop a 1,500-bed student housing development.  All three sites will also be connected with a bike path stemming from the Amherst Town bike path.

Moving east through the property we are moving from the multiple story buildings into shared wall townhomes as the second phase of construction. These will be offered for lease or  Rent to Own as they’ll be built on separately recorded lots with mutual wall agreements. There is an elevation that shows a flat roof which will be joined together at the side elevations for a total of 44 units or 22 townhome style duplexes. The first floor will host a 1-bedroom apartment similar to the Fillmore plan we built at Horton and a two story, two-bedroom unit above. The garden style apartments are going to be built half exposed, however, to allow for natural lighting in the basement unit.

Continuing East, the attached two-family elevations will be built for rent or Rent to Own and separated by 10′ of side yard. Again, each lot is going to be subdivided to allow for homeownership in the future. We have single family and duplex units designed for the remaining lots.


If clients want to rent a single family we also have a carriage house being designed to allow for added income. The carriage homes are serviced by a shared alleyway in the rear of each lot and detached from the home by a 30′ rear yard. The community school district is Sweethome so we are confident in our ability to attract young families. The middle school is directly North of our lot and students could walk to school from our neighborhood.

Last, but not least, the final phase of construction will consist of two 6-unit buildings at the top east corner of the subdivision. We felt it would be important to design a community for every generation. These units will be directed towards the 55 and up demographic and be exclusively for-rent units.

Stay posted.  We’ll post more information here when ready!

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