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William T. Severyn
June 9, 2021

Rent Today, Own Tomorrow!

One of the most rewarding experiences of our early careers has been building for families that never thought they would ever have the opportunity to own a newly built home. Through a strategic relationship with Offer Advantage, Severyn Development built 8 new homes last year in Lancaster NY that were offered out under the Offer Advantage, Rent Today, Own Tomorrow program. We were surprised at the demand for this type of product but quickly realized that many one-time credit issues were holding people back from owning a new home. We believe in the American Dream of home ownership and were proud to assist in making that dream a reality.

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Severyn Development is able to work closely with Offer Advantage to purchase existing homes and home lots at well below the market value and then work with the future home owner every step of the way to either refurbish an existing home or build a brand-new home from the ground up.   Severyn Development provides the option to customize features of the home making it a truly unique experience for the clients at Offer Advantage. Once the future home owner moves in, 10% of the monthly rent is applied to the purchase price of the home.  Offer Advantage continues to work with the future home owner to help them in the process of becoming pre-approved to purchase the home via conventional mortgages within 3-5 years of their initial move in and aligns future home owners with local banks and first-time homebuyer programs when necessary.

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We are currently exploring a development in Amherst NY to build 46 single family and duplex style homes to offer the same Rent Today, Own Tomorrow opportunity. Stay tuned!

For more information on the Offer Advantage Rent today, Own Tomorrow program, follow this link.


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