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Alisa Gasz
May 19, 2021

Front Door Color, What to Do?

Why paint your front door something boring (or at least uninteresting to you) when you can make your house the most memorable one on the block with a color you love? Go sunny with a cheery yellow, stay simple with a dove gray, or bold with a true red. After all, your front door is your home’s first impression, so make it a good one.

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Ready for Red

Classic red always make a bold, elegant statement on a front door. Whether you choose a bright, happy apple red or a dark maroon, red goes well with muted neutrals that does not compete for attention. Embellish the door with brass hardware and accents for a little eye candy.
(PPG1187-7 Red Gumball)

Outstanding Orange!

Think less pumpkin and more pumpkin spice. Orange as a door color is daring, warm and inviting. To make orange work for your home, stick to a slightly muted tone against neutrals such as whites and grays, or go for a brighter look against blue walls. Either way, orange is a hit.
(PPG1195 Field Poppy)


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Youthful Yellow

Cheerful, sunny yellow paired with gray siding and white trim has a sleek, modern vibe for a front door. If you want to incorporate a bright color like yellow without committing to the whole house, front door paint is a great option. It is easier to change your mind about a door than an entire exterior paint job. (PPG1210 Maybe Maui)

Handsome Hunter

For classic, traditional front door, hunter green is the perfect choice. And it does not have to be stuffy! For a more updated look, add brushed nickel or brass hardware to make a great first impression. (PPG1134 Pine Forest)

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Tropical Aqua

Breezy and light, the color aqua brings to mind sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Capitalize on this coastal favorite and pair it with white to create a beachy vibe or consider it on a brick home for something unexpected.
(PPG1229 Almost Aqua)

Nautical Navy

Navy blue is a solid color choice for a front door because it goes with every color on the spectrum. From white to orange, the dark charm of navy blue adds an element of sophistication. For an update on the classic look, replace your hardware with dark oil-rubbed bronze.
(PPG10-32 Blue Tang)


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Burnished Brown

Even if your door is not solid wood, don’t cast aside brown for your front door. As a warm neutral, brown can complement any other earthy color across the spectrum and can create a lustrous monochromatic look for your home.
(PPG15-24 French Toast)

Graceful Gray

In recent years, gray has become the “new black,” replacing its predecessor in everything from furniture to paint colors—and your front door is no exception. Far from cold and industrial, the right gray has the power to create warm elegance with minimal effort.
(PPG1001 Flagstone)

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Not so Basic Black

There’s a reason tuxedos are black. This core color has long been associated with glamour and prestige. A little glossy black paint creates a posh statement, while a muted black in satin or eggshell speaks to modern luxury.
(PPG14-05 Dark As Night)

Welcoming White

Just because your door came from the store white, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t stay that way! White can be a statement in itself with the right colors to support it. Black and white always work, and white is the right choice when there are many competing colors in the entryway or exterior of the house.
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