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Tim Skowronski
April 12, 2022

Fitting Big Projects in Small Areas – Building in the City of Buffalo

Maximum Space Utilization Yields Marvelous Results

Our unique approach to building homes allows Severyn Development to frequently build in the City of Buffalo. This is generally unusual for most residential developers in the area due to the challenge of less room to work in existing neighborhoods and meeting strict city regulations.  While this may cause complications in the construction process,  our systems and building methods allow us to not only build in the city, but also utilize the maximum amount of land available.

One way we are able to make this happen is working with Barden Homes to manufacture walls off site. We work very closely with Barden Homes to schedule deliveries of sections of the building so the lumber is not exposed to the elements for very long, while allowing for the rough framer to have as much space as possible to assemble the building. By using this method of building we avoid excess material waste, allow for more efficient work when the lumber is at the building location, and it ensures speedier building times.

Buffalo is a Great Place to BUILD

Our team uses a substantial amount of imagination when creating plans on these smaller lots in the city. For example, we have fit a one-bedroom apartment in the basement of our “Fillmore” plan, to adding a carriage house on top of a garage, we seem to fit as much living space in each build as possible. We often utilize space not usually employed, like fitting closets under staircases, or adding furnaces and utility equipment into attics and utility closets to apportion the most usable space. While building in urban areas has its challenges such as small spaces, we take the opportunity to develop our building process to be as efficient as possible. We can do this through being sure our job sites are always clean and properly kept for safety and city regulation purposes, but this allows us to ensure a level of quality that would not be deliverable under any other conditions.

A few major advantages city builds include are the proximity of access to parks and other surrounding amenities or being able to rent out multiple units to provide amazing rentals to other city dwellers. Living in the city provides the added value of being close to work, hospitals, and all the exciting entertainment city living provides. Most Severyn builds also allows for off street parking allowing for worry free transportation and winter parking safety. Renting one of the multiple units can offer the advantage of higher mortgage approvals or the ability to generate an income on your new property.

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